Q: How much does concierge care membership cost?

A: We strive to keep membership rates reasonable and affordable. Please contact the office for more information regarding membership rates.


Q: Will my doctor still accept insurance?

A: Yes. Although Concierge Medicine of Jupiter is not an insurance plan, Dr. Drourr does participate in selected insurance plans. Dr. Drourr will also continue to accept Medicare as well.


Q: Do I still have to pay my co-pay, deductible or any other incurred charges outside of insurance?

A: Yes. We are not an insurance plan, your membership is a “value-added-service” fee and so you must still pay your co-pay, deductible and any other charges that your insurance does not cover. Patients are responsible for any fees associated with lab work, radiology or any other procedures peformed at an outside facility.


Q: Is the program limited to a certain number of patients?

A: Yes. Physicians in a standard practice see approximately 20-30 patients per day, but Dr. Drourr sees only 6-8 patients per day. This is important so that Dr. Drourr can set aside time to accommodate urgent/same day appointments and spend more time with each patient per visit.


Q: What happens if my doctor goes on vacation?

A: Hard to believe, but even doctors need some time off too. Dr. Drourr has chosen another concierge physician to temporarily fill-in so that you’ll still receive 24/7 care.


Q: What happens if I am hospitalized?

A: Dr. Drourr has full admitting privileges at Jupiter Medical Center and has been on staff for over 15 years. If you need to be hospitalized, she continues to care for you there as well. If for some reason you are at another hospital, she will work together with the hospital staff and sub-specialists to oversee your health and condition during your hospitalization.