If you are like so many others, you are frustrated with the impersonal and hurried healthcare delivery system of today. Did you know that you have another option?

Concierge medicine is an innovative model of medical practice that puts the patient at the center of the healthcare experience. By retaining the services of a specific physician, the patient secures unprecedented access to the physician, which allows the physician to develop a personal relationship with the patient and to deliver the very highest levels of primary care and service. This is the type of practice that Catherine G. Drourr, M.D. offers.
With concierge services, patients receive personalized attentive medical care through one appointed, dedicated doctor who is familiar with their medical history and unique health goals. You receive more one-on-one time with your doctor, physician access 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, enhancing communication and improving your overall quality of health care. This concierge level of service is secured with an annual concierge fee.

Compassionate and attentive care

Concierge medicine caters to a select population of individuals who insist on the highest caliber of medical service. Due to its limited patient enrollment, Catherine G. Drourr, M.D. is able to provide the kind of personalized and attentive care that every patient deserves. When you become part of our practice family you are directly engaging Dr. Drourr as your personal physician.
Each patient is known as an individual, given personalized care promptly by Dr. Drourr who has had an opportunity to become familiar with them. When you have an appointment you will be seen exclusively by Dr. Drourr with little or no wait and will be ensured sufficient time with her in order to have all your questions answered.
Concierge medicine is recognized by the American Medical Association and by various state medical boards in which you find these exceptional medical practices.